You are the RESISTANCE

Ten ways to use your postcards: 

1. Host a postcard party for friends or your community and contact your congressional representatives about what matters to you.

2. Pre-address and stamp the cards to political representatives and drop them off at a senior citizens home or women's shelter so that marginalized voices might be amplified. 

3. Send notes of support to fellow activists and friends to encourage them to stay motivated. 

4. Mail cards to organizations under siege in this new administration expressing that you stand with them and support them.

5. Display some in your home or on your desk to keep you inspired. 

6. Drop a card into someone's mailbox or on a windshield when you see them displaying messages you support. 

7. Send one to someone who loves you.  They always want to hear from you, no matter what.

8.  Write a postcard a day (or week or month) to keep up a steady flow of resistance.  

9.  Send one to someone you know who might want to buy a set of postcards too.  All proceeds go to great causes!

10.  Leave some in a public space and invite people to take one.